Has the movie the Cove been shown in theaters in Japan?



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    A large scale release of this movie was planned for June in 2010 but because it’s so controversial to Japan, the film has not been given a national release. Instead, the movie is slowly being played at more and more theaters as it becomes more popular. Often these theaters are protested by Japanese nationals.
    Several online sites have allowed free streaming of “The Cove” in order to bypass the protests.

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    Yes, it has. According to the theatre listing for the official Japanese website, 36 theatres showed it, and it has most recently been shown there on November 6.

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    The Cove was shown in Japanese theatres, but the showings were often disrupted by protestors.  The director of the movie, Louie Psihoyos, was concerned about how many people that live in the town the film was set in, Taiji, had not seen the film, so he helped an activist group send copies of the DVD to the town.

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