Is the expected boom of the green industry overhyped?



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    I would say probably if you mean a boom in the next one or two years. While individual industries can fluctuate rapidly, a world-wide “green industry boom” seems unlikely.

    The word ‘Green’ is often a selling point and with most developed countries (including even China “”) putting increasing pressure on companies to clean up their act, it seems inevitable for a large scale shift towards sustainable economies. However, its been about 5 years since Green became a buzz word and I don’t think the Green Industry has boomed like your describing. There seems to be little evidence that a sudden change is up ahead.

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    Switching to renewable resources like wind and solar energy will take years, and so an expected ‘boom’ might not take place.  It will be gradual in all aspects of the green movement: electric cars, renewable energy, cutting fossil fuel production, and recycling.  I don’t expect to see a huge spike because we are so dependent upon our present methods.  It will take time, financial energy, and wide cooperation to accept new methods.  In some areas, like manufacturing more electric car models, popularity will probably happen sooner than electric companies switching to wind power.

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