Does water ever go bad?



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    Since water is a source of life for all things living, there are organisms that might wish to colonize on an open container.  The water itself doesn’t actually go bad, but the bacteria and fungi are definitely harmful, and the water will need to somehow be purified.

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    Creeks can dry up and leave pools of water for months.  Algae grows, animals swim in them, and rain runoff may introduce pollution to the pool.  These are all things that we don’t want to drink.  However, some wild animals may drink this or live in the pool and be just fine.  They have tolerances that we don’t have since we are used to drinking purified water.  The pool will eventually evaporate or be flushed again with rain water.  Evaporation processes are a semi-filtration system of their own.  Water vapor goes into the atmosphere and falls again as rain.  Unless you live by a big city, rainwater is clean and fresh.

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