Does Texas produce more wind power or solar power?



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    Texas produces the most wind power of any state in the U.S. – the accessible wind resources total about 4 quadrillion BTUs annually.  These 4 ‘quads’ are out of a possible 12 quadrillion BTUs that are available – we simply don’t have the technology to harvest it all.  Solar energy is another story – out of a possible 4300 quadrillion BTUs, around 250 quads are actually accessible.

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    In contrast to their dominance in the field of wind power (yay for that!), Texas has dragged its feet when it comes to the potential of solar power. Last year, for instance, the state legislature voted against bills that would have provided rebates, and removed legal hurdles, for homeowners who want to use solar power. Texas’ Public Utility Commission has recently considered using its regulatory power to mandate greater use of non-wind renewable energy.

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