Does sugar cane grow in the wild?



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    Yes sugar cane does grow in the wild.  In fact, it has even become an invasive species in certain parts of the world.  Saccharum spontaneum (sugar cane) has become a problem particularly in the Pacific Rim islands.  It can also be found in Australia, China, Japan, and other countries growing wild.

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    Yes, it does grow in the wild. Saccharum spontaneum, or wild sugar cane, grows in Central or Southeastern Asia though it seems to be an invasive plant in the Pacific islands.

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    Sugarcane as we know it originated in New Guinea, and has continually been domesticated as humans spread it to other parts of the world. It hybridized with other varieties of sugarcane in India and China before reaching the Mediterranean and eventually the Americas. Varieties of Indian and Chinese sugarcane still appear to exist in the wild today.  

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    Sugar Cane also has many, many useful attributes.  Molasses is a byproduct of sugar cane, and is used in many baking goodies.  It can also be fermented into alcohol, and used in Rum.  the Ethanol product can even be converted to run engines.

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