Does starbucks have a plan to be more eco friendly?



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    Starbucks does have a plan to become more eco-friendly.  The stores they are opening now are becoming more green, and using all local materials.  Starbucks has also joined with Earthwatch to support environmentally friendly coffee plantations in Costa Rica. 

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    Starbucks announced several of its eco-friendly goals in its 2009 “Goals and Progress” report. Some of these goals include: having all of its cups recyclable or reusable by 2015, reducing energy consumption by 25% in 2010, and placing recycling containers in front of every of its stores by 2012.

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    Starbucks might have a plan, but they are definitely much more about the “green” image than about being eco-friendly. Like most corporations they care more about how people perceive them than about actually doing something good for the environment. 

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