Does recycling plastic damage the environment a lot?



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    Recycling plastic is way better for the environment than sending it to a landfill.

    What’s worse, though, is that by not recycling plastic you are also running the risk that the plastic may make its way into a body of water or another natural environment where it can be harmful or deadly if ingested by an animal.

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    As with anything else, there are costs and benefits to recycling and it led to some controversy in 1996 when a man named John Tierney asserted that recycling is a wasteful activity. Influential environmental groups, the Natural Resources Defense Council and the Environmental Defense, disputed this claim in reports that showed how recycling reduces the amount of material going into landfills as well as the need to use virgin resources.

    Again, recycling is a complicated issue because these programs do cost money and resources to operate, which is why some people are still skeptical about its efficacy in mitigating pollution problems. On the whole though, most articles will argue that recycling is better for the environment based on the reasons I mentioned above.

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