Does recycling help boost our economy?



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    Recycling helps boost our economy by providing inexpensive and energy efficient resources, especially in the form of recycled paper, glass, and aluminum.  Aluminum is a particularly good example.  Recycled aluminum requires 95% less energy to produce than new aluminum from ore.  This allows recycled aluminum to be less expensive than new aluminum.  Recycling also reduces waste and landfill space.

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    Another way that recycling can help the economy is by providing a viable source of income for people who lack access to other occupations. This ability for anyone to make a modest income provides a safety net and economic booster, especially useful during an economic recession. In India, in the city of Dharavi, recycling is estimated to employ 200,000 people and provides their income and way of life. In China, millions of people are employed in picking up recyclable goods off the street, and earn about as much as a cabdriver would monthly.

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    Boulder County, in Colorado passed a resolution in 2005 to achieve the goal of “zero waste – or dam near”. Since that resolution, the county has incorporated many different recycling systems to attain that goal. In doing so, they have employed many people to process all the recycled materials. Currently, Boulder County not only has curbside recycling for residents, they also pick up compostable materials. All Boulder County employees are expected to produce zero waste in their office environment.

    Boulder County has proven that recycling can boost our economy. Products produced from recycled metals, glass and paper have at least two lives. This reduces polution from the initial manufacturing of the product, but it also increases its economic value through resale.

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