Does Pepsi have an eco bottle?



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    As a matter of fact it does. Pepsi itself recently implemented a bottle in the last few years that utilizes 20% less plastic, while Aquafina (which is owned by Pepsi) launched it’s “Eco-Fina” (Get it? Such comedians over at PepsiCo!) bottle that uses a whopping 50% less plastic!

    So… Pepsi! For those who think Green.



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    Pepsi’s Eco-Fina bottle has been used to store Aquafina bottled water since around March of 2009. This bottle weighs 10.9 grams, which Pepsi claimed was the lightest nationally distributed bottle of its kind. Pepsi has also claimed it would save 75 million pounds of plastic a year. However, bottled water is still a very environmentally unfriendly product; around 17 million barrels of oil were used to make plastic bottles in the U.S. in 2006 (not including shipping), and four/fifths of these bottles weren’t recycled. 

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