Does Nevada have a lot of solar energy?



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    Yes, Nevada does have a lot of solar energy. Nevada is actually ranked #1 in the nation installed solar energy capacity on a per person basis.

    Here are some solar energy sources in Nevada:

    Crescent Dunes Solar Energy – Produces 110 megawatts of energy, is still developing and expected to be complete by 2014. It will have a molten salt storage system to enable electricity even when there is no sun outside. Owned by SolarReserve, and is located near Tonopah, NV.

    Las Vegas Valley Water District – 6 districts, 3.1 megawatts, has been producing energy since 2006. Owned by PowerLight corporation.

    Nevada Solar One – produces 64 megawatts, located in Elderado Valley near Boulder City, NV. Owned by Acciona Solar Power, has been in power since 2007.

    There are many, many more sources. Here is a list:

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