Does making high octane gas cause more pollution?



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    No, using a gas with higher octane will not cause pollution. However, the energy consumed by making gas with higher octane is higher than with regular gas. Higher octane gas is usually unnecessary for most cars, so it is recommended to use regular gas as to not damage your car.

    Oil companies are most often secretive about their gas making strategies; but it has been estimated that if all oil companies reduce the octane level in their premium gas from 93 to 92, it would increase the nation’s gas productivity by 2%. This would save us 143.1 million barrels of oil annually.

    So no, high octane gas does not cause more pollution, persay, but does use up more resources and that is environmentally damaging in itself.

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    Higher Octane gas is more refined. More refined = more toxic = more pollution. To the above poster that just reads and gets brain washed. All gas causes pollution! Higher octane gas just saves money if your car is meant to run on high octane and pollutes a lot more. High octane gas is made so people can save money but in reality…it just kills more new borns and causes heart disease, pneumonia, etc… Living in the most polluted city on the planet with nothing but high octane cars driving around….its like walking in a room filled with smoke.

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