Does going green always save you money?



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    It’s impossible to say that it always saves money.  For example, if you buy carbon offsets when purchasing airline tickets, you are not saving any money.  What should be understood, though, is that the savings are not always immediate.  If you build your house with self-finished materials (things that don’t need painting, for example), it will cost you more initially.  But by not having to re-paint or wallpaper the walls, you will save money in the long run.

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    I do not think it always will save you money, but if you go “green” the right way and know that the product you bought is actually “green” than it is worth the money. Nevertheless, most “green” products will save you money in the long run. However, you will not see the effects of your investment immediately. 

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    Many of the recycled products in local grocery stores are often more expensive than buying goods that use new material.  Seventh Generation products are more expensive than buying regular paper towels or toilet paper, but the benefit is that you know you are buying recycled and helping the environment.  Recycled tin foil is available but more expensive.  To buy these products you have to be willing to pay more but be happy with knowing it conserves resources.

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    Organic, locally grown foods can also be more expensive. But, I think that the benefits to personal health, the Earth, and the local economy pays off the difference. I don’t eat everything organic, and in the summer growing season, it’s definitely easier, but it’s an effort I make.

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    Actually, I would argue that “going green’ actually costs you more. With converting to renewable energy sources like solar, the up front costs are very high, but the debate is that you will save more on energy costs over time. Even if you are wanting to switch to a vegan diet or try raw foods, the costs of keeping fresh fruits and vegetables along with getting all of the specialty items at heath food stores can be very expensive. The same thing can be said for trying to purchase an electric vehicle, it’s over $20,000! Some may argue that this price is not much to pay for a new car. I respectfully disagree, in some parts of the country, you can buy a house right now with this amount of money.

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