Does China care about saving her own endangered species as much as other nations care about them?



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    As is the case with most other countries, the nation of China itself is not as focused on the protection of its endangered species as non-profit organizations and NGOs, such as the WWF, who operate internationally. Currently, many of China’s indigenous species are endangered, including the giant panda, the golden monkey, the Siberian tiger, the Yangtze River dolphin and the black-necked crane; habitat loss and human activity, such as mining and logging, share most of the blame. WWF has worked tirelessly with the Chinese government, and to some achievement. In collaboration with China’s State Forest Administration (SFA), over 40 panda sanctuaries have been established since 2003. In addition, WWF has partnered with various officials to monitor the status of animals like the tiger and the golden monkey, but the fact remains: very few people in China are aware of the threat to their biodiversity that exists, and due to the nature of the Chinese government, there is little access to records or information about the topic. That hasn’t stopped Chinese researchers, scientists and ecologists from doing everything they can to prevent the eradication of China’s indigenous animal species. 

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    China has actually put together fairly aggressive wildlife conservation efforts, specifically with regards to the panda.  This actually flies in the face of some countries who say the panda has reached an “evolutionary cul-de-sac”, meaning they have reached the end of their species independent existence, and can no longer sustain themselves without human interference.  They see money and efforts to preserve the panda as wasted resources that could be allocated to preserve other areas of China’s threatened rural environment.  

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    China has been actually very active in conservation efforts, they understand the need of conservation programs and the protection of species. Since 1989 China has actively been protecting wildlife with the establishment of the Protection of Wildlife Law. China implements harsh penalties on people who break the laws, some as severe as life in prison. China has also been a leader in illegal animal trade seizures.

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