Does amputation always stop gang green?



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    Yes.  If the amputation is done properly, it should prevent the gangrenous tissue from affecting other nearby areas of the body.  Otherwise, other sections of tissue could begin to lose blood flow and die off, as well.

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    Regarding gangrene, amputation is not the cure-all, but rather the last resort. Long before amputation becomes necessary, there are viable measures that can be taken to stop the spread of gangrene. Debridement, which is the surgical removal of dead tissue, is usually the first step taken; this allows healthy tissue to recover, and eventually be restored to a healthy state. If debridement is not successful, a surgeon may attempt skin grafting. Other techniques that have successfully been used to combat gangrene include antibiotic dosages, blood transfusions and hyperbaric oxygen therapy, the latter of which involves placing the patient inside a pressurized chamber to eradicate any harmful bacteria. In addition to these treatments, there are many preventative measures one can take to keep gangrene away, which include not smoking, treating cuts correctly and promptly and, if diabetic, examining hands and feet for sores on a regular basis 

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