Does alcohol have the same affect on animals that it does on humans?



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    Largely, yes.  Since alcohol is a chemical substance that affects our physical body (brain), its effects on animals are mostly similar to those on humans – reinforced/aversive behaviors based on external stimuli, increased tolerance over time, even dependency and withdrawals.  Animal research has been key to understanding alcohol’s effect on our own bodies.  The link below, while exhaustive, covers the effects of alcohol on animals completely.

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    More or less yes

    At least some animals can even get addicted to alcohol, similarly to human alcoholics!  Check out the martini-thieving Vervet monkeys in this rather amusing video:

    The video notes a number of similarities between the way humans and these monkeys drink alcohol -very interesting, considering that humans and monkeys are fairly closely related.  Right now, scientists are studying these monkeys’ drinking habits so that they may better understand our own!

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