Does acid rain taste any different?



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    I’ve seen sources with differing answers. Some say that there is not enough acidity in acid rain for it to taste different. I’ve also seen sources indicating that it can have a sour taste. Perhaps the answer it is dependent on the level of acidity in the water as well as the individual’s taste sensitivity. In actuality, acid rain occurs naturally and is not problematic to drink as long as the pH is not too extreme. But over time it can cause damage to buildings and to lakes, streams, and trees at high altitudes.

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    Most reports agree that acid rain looks, feels and even tastes like normal, clean rain.  The dangers of acid rain are not from drinking or touching it – you can swim in acid rain or drink it without any real risk of health concern – but from the sulfur and nitrate particles it emits when evaporated.  These particles get into the air we breathe, and that’s where the danger lies.

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