Does Acid rain have any effects on crop growth?



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    Acid rain does have an affect on crops and plants of all kinds. The biggest threat to crops or other plants is that acid rain dissolves nutrients from the soil, lessening their health. This leads farmers to add more fertilizer to the soil, which can lead to other environmental consequences.

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    Yes it does. Acid rain causes negative effects on crops and plants in general by damaging the roots, usually resulting in stunted growth or death. The nutrients (and micro-organisms that produce the nutrients) in the soil are destroyed by acid rain, which is vital to a plant’s growth. Acid rain also damages the waxy layer of plants (which protects them) when falling onto it, making the plants more vulnerable to disease. Even if a plant does survive a fall of acid rain, it will be very weak and will most likely be unable to survive other climatic situations such as heavy rainfall or a short dry period, where it would usually have the health to do so before the acid rain. Even if a plant does survive acid rain, it will not survive long due to lack of defense mechanisms. Reproduction and germination will most likely also be process the plant will no longer be able to partake in.

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