Do you think we will ever ban Teflon?



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    In 2006, there was a movement to ban Teflon that actually got pretty far. The EPA even recommended phasing out the chemical used to make Teflon. However, the demand for Teflon provides a lot of jobs in the US, and helps fund chemical giant DuPont (which also provides a lot of jobs). Politicians are reluctant to ban Teflon because of the fallout that would happen in their communities (especially those communities that make money off of Teflon), which could lead to the lawmakers being voted out.

    I think that, eventually, Teflon will have to be banned. But it might not happen soon.

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    It’s really tough to say on this one.  There is such a high consumer demand for Teflon that it will be difficult for it to be banned.  People really just want the ease of being able to cook on a non-stick surface, but they fail to realize how harmful Teflon can really be.  Hopefully, progress will be made toward banning, or at least phasing out Teflon in the near future.  

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