Do you think as we become a more educated society we use more or less resources?



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    I believe we will use less resources. As our society learns more about harnessing renewable sources of energy such as solar and wind, we are continuously developing new products designed to more efficiently use these power sources. Also, as people become more educated, they will begin to see the incentives of using less resources. Apart from the incentive of preserving the health of this planet, there are monetary incentives. Switching to energy saving appliances and low flow water technologies saves money. The pay back may be a couple years, but in the long run, it will save money as well as resources. As more people learn about these incentives, I believe more people will adopt these technologies because these do not require behavioral changes to save money. Also, in the wake of one of the U.S.’s biggest environmental catastrophes, people are becoming more educated on the hazards associated with oil and drilling. 

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    History would suggest that the more educated a nation is, it is also generally richer, and therefore uses more resources. The case could be made that developing nations are more devastating to their environments than we are, but we are the ones pressuring them to do so. It is our demand that’s degrading their surroundings. So I think it depends on what a group of people are educated in; Being educated doesn’t mean that one is apt to use less resources. I think a genuine appreciation, and reliance upon, nature is what makes a culture live in balance with the environment. So while it’s very important to be informed, it’s just as important to act in an eco-friendly manner- by being reliant upon nature, and by care-taking nature.

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