Do you think tiny houses will become popular?



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    To be honest, no. If there is one thing America is built on it is space. In Northern Virginia, many smaller houses that are functional are being knocked down for larger custom houses. They are built up and out leaving less yard. I think it will be awhile before there the tiny houses become a norm.

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    The only real drawback I see with tiny homes is the neighborhood/social aspect.  They cost very little to buy, cost very little to air condition or heat, and reduce dwellers’ carbon footprint by a LOT.  But are these going to become the new ‘projects’ or are they going to be in safe neighborhoods?  I don’t make very much money and love the idea of having a tiny home, but that’s the only thing really holding me back – WHERE will they be, and will they be safe?

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    Near where I live in the urban sprawl surrounding Seattle, regular sized houses with yards are being torn down to build McMansions with tiny yards. Most people want a large house more than they want to reduce energy use. Living in a smaller house seems too large a sacrifice to make especially if they people around them have big houses.

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