Do you think that as the temperature warms we will evolve with it?



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    I feel like our global temperature is warming at a rate much faster than evolution would compensate for – evolution takes tens of thousands of years, and global warming is causing tangible effects every year.  If global warming were ONLY affecting humans, we might be able to cope with it by using technology and medicine to ‘push forward’ evolutionary solutions, but global warming affects the plants and animals we eat, as well as the oceans and air that we depend on for survival.

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    I believe that we will evolve our technology and living styles to match global climate change, but physically we won’t evolve enough to keep up.  If global warming causes vast ecosystem changes, humans will need to find better sources for food and energy.  We already have technology sufficient to combat our potential living conditions.  Our real concern would become food, and I have no doubts that industrialized countries can adapt enough to support their population.  The problem with humans lies in the undeveloped countries, where tradition teaches the people how to live.  With vast changes in a culture’s climate, it may be a challenge for cultures to change without outside help.

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    Humans have adapted to live in many different climates.  Humans inhabit all regions of the world, from Arctic coastlines, tropical islands, to deserts.  We won’t have a problem adapting to rising temperatures, because we have such luxuries as AC.  Habitats and animals are suffering, and without immediate action, many more species will go extinct.  It will be the devastation of nature that will truly effect us, resulting in food shortages and lack of resources.

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    We almost have to if we are to survive. Physically I think people will adapt. The question is will society and civilization adapt enough to ensure survival. We are answering that question right now.

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