Do you think that the republicans have a good environmental attitude?



  1. emc
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    The Democratic party is the party that is commonly considered the greener of the two.  Some individual Republicans may have strong views on how environmentalism and politics should be handled.  Overall, Republicans try to incorporate economic issues in with environmental ones instead of being environmental simply because it’s the right thing to do to protect our planet.

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    For most republicans the environment is simply a resource to be profited from, the Democrats are largely the same despite some promising rhetoric. If either major party were really interested in protecting the environment, we would be spending money on the sustainable transportation network this country badly needs instead of trying to act tough in the Middle East. We haven’t seen any real solutions from either party.

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    No, Republicans seem to be focused more on the short-term and letting the market determine what energy sources should be used instead of allowing investment into alternative sources of energy. They are also protective of established energy providers such as oil companies.

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