do you think people eat more junk food if its labeled organic?



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    Yes, an organic label gives the notion that it is healthier to many.  To be considered organic, a product must be comprised of at least 70% organic ingredients.  These ingredients are to be labeled as organic on the information panel.  The remaining 30% have no restrictions and can contain such things as high fructose corn syrup and other manufactured ingredients.

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    The “organic” label is definitely a selling tool.  I think a lot of people associate ‘organic’ with ‘healthy’ – but these two terms are by no means interchangeable.  Refined sugar is technically organic, so is salt.  It doesn’t mean we need to pour it down our throats!  Debate over the classification of food as ‘organic’ aside, people ARE making a (slightly) smarter decision buying organic junk food.  They’re not helping their bodies as they might think, but assuming the food is truly organic – no pesticides, no artificial ingredients – they are helping the planet a tiny bit more than if they chose junk food made with harmful chemicals.

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    There’s a term called “Greenwashing” that I’ve been hearing a lot lately. Junk food companies are starting to notice the switch to Organic, natural, healthy, anything with a label that says its good for you and the environment. So these companies are starting to use very selective language to get more people to believe the product is healthy. For example, saying a bag is “biodegradable,” indeed the bag may in fact biodegradable but its takes say 300 years to do so. 

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    Does it matter? The obesity rate in the country is astounding. People will eat any amount of junk food whether it is labeled organic or not.

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