Do you think that passive houses will become popular in the United States?



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    I hope they will, but I don’t see why they wouldn’t. Passive houses save 90% of energy consumption, which is a number any homeowner could appreciate. Even if a person isn’t interested in sustainability, they would save so much money in energy costs that it still makes sense to live in a passive house. Building a house is an investment though, and the economy would probably need to improve before a large number of Americans build new homes. 

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    It seems like Passive Houses are becoming more popular in the United States. The houses started out being built in Germany, Austria, and Scandinavia. In January 2008, Passive Houses US was formed and became approved to certify houses in the US as “passive houses.” It is likely that this trend hasn’t caught like it has elsewhere because of our recent economic issues. The United States as a whole is heading quickly toward the “green revolution,” so hopefully Passive Houses will begin catching on too! As of January 2010, only thirteen Passive Houses were built in the US, most of them in OR, MN, and IL.

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    The Passive House designed home can save up to 90% of heating and energy use. In the United States, the Passive House design has not taken off like in other parts of the world, but with rising fuel costs and the economic downturn, it seems this technology should and will be scrutinized further. According to the US Energy Information Administration, 48% of greenhouse gas emissions and 76% of electricity being generated in the United States goes to supply the building sector. It is possible to modify existing buildings along with constructing new buildings to utilize this technology. Will this technology take off? Yes, I believe it will. As more and more families and businesses struggle to cover the cost of heating and cooling, they will begin to look for better options. Not only will Passive Homes and Buildings lower energy consumption, it will reduce greenhouse gas emmisions.

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    I think passive houses may become more popular, however I don’t think they will be the norm for housing in the near future. Americans have different expectations for what they expect a house to look like, and passive houses for now go against that norm. I believe most Americans would consider them to look “foreign.” It is a great concept and I hope it becomes the norm.

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