Do you think increasing the fines for littering would deter people from throwing trash out the window?



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    Many people throw trash out the window regardless of the price of the fine.  Washington litter fines range from $200-1000 depending on the hazardousness and area of litter.  A large part of why people can get away with litter is that enforcement is limited.  It takes a police officer or sheriff’s deputy to be in the right place at the right time to catch litter bugs.

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    One thing that does help fight against throwing trash out the window is the placement of recycle and trash bins around metropolitan areas.  For instance, Seattle has recycle and trash bins conveniently located on several street corners.  Seattle’s actually trying their best to fix the litter issue and move the populous over to recycling in manners other than police enforcement.

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    Not really.  Littering is laziness, pure and simple.  How many times have you seen someone throw a candy bar wrapper or Big Gulp cup on the ground when a recycle/trash bin is within 10 feet?  I’ve seen it multiple times, even from some of my own friends, and it absolutely astounds and perplexes me.  Fines that aren’t really enforced don’t effect a whole lot of change in our country – do higher DWI penalties keep people from driving drunk?  Education about what these “small” personal actions actually build up to is the only way to truly nip these issues, in my humble (idealistic) opinion.

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    Yes, but it would have to come with better and more consistent enforcement.

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