Do you think if shoppers knew how green a product was they would be more likely to buy it?



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    Honestly, I think most people just want to save money!  I do feel if the price was comparable, then many people would buy the green product first (I know I would).  But sometimes you just get whatever is on sale.

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    Yes they would!

    The Green Shopper 2009 study found that “nearly all shoppers surveyed would buy green; nearly two thirds actively seek it on each shopping trip.” The survey revealed that shoppers are just a little bit confused about what is green and what isn’t. As the advertising becomes more clear to consumers, the study predicted, there will be an increase in green purchases.

    One way to buy green is to look for certifications from these common third-parties: Energy Star, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, Water Sense, Green Seal, Designed for the Environment and Forest Stewardship Council.


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