Do you need to eat regularly to stay sharp?



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    Not only do you need to eat regularly to stay alert, but also ensure that your caloric intake is well-matched for your metabolic needs. Numerous studies have supported the theory that the calories you put in your body have an effect on your mental health. For instance, a recent study at the University of Florida tested 23 public school districts by giving them lunches that contained 100 more calories; their test scores improved by 6-11%, on average. Proponents of the study cite the body’s need for simple sugars and carbohydrates as the reason for the results.  

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    Well, yes. Your brain needs energy to function properly. So, if you don’t eat then your brain will be deprived of calories to burn and begin to get ‘fuzzy.’ Eating is the only way to keep your brain fuelled is to eat regularly.

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    Yes people do need to eat regularly. It is suggested that 6 smaller meals will help the body process food better than eating the 3 traditional meals a day.

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