Do we need to bleach paper before we can use it?



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    It appears that all modern paper is bleached to reach a professional quality.  It is not necessary to bleach paper for it to be used, but it is not commonly sold that way due to its lower quality.  There are alternatives to the traditional chlorine-bleached paper.  Elemental Chlorine-Free is a bleaching process that uses chlorine derivatives which reduce the amount of dioxins.  Totally Chlorine-Free is a process the bleaching agents are a combination of oxygen delignification with hydrogen peroxide.  Processed Chlorine-Free paper is produced using recycled and re-bleached agents other than chlorine.

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    To elaborate on the previous answer (since I found the same source he did): the bleaching process that is used appears to be exclusively to make paper white. Brown paper has not been bleached and is therefore ‘wood’ colored.

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