Do we eat hens or roosters when we buy chicken from the store?



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    While you can purchase chicken from the grocery store of either sex, typically you will purchase a rooster.  This is because hens and roosters are separated once they are weaned off of their mother.  Hens are kept for egg production, and roosters are raised to be eaten.  Very few roosters are kept in order to breed.  This is the same with beef, as male cows are raised to be eaten, females are kept for reproduction purposes.

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    After doing some research I mostly agree with the above answer but offer a few corrections. The meat and egg industry usually have completely different methods of operating, even different breeds of chickens are used.

    Chickens raised for meat are both males and females, although males grow faster and are therefore more profitable.

    In an egg factory, the male chicks are killed within hours of hatching because they are not needed to make eggs.

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