Do Tuna like warm or cool water?



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    There are different types of tuna fish: The atlantic bluefin tuna, the southern bluefin, the albacore tuna, the yellowfin tuna, the bigeye tuna, the skipjack tuna, and the little tunny. They each have different preferences when it comes to water temperature, but most of them seem to live in warmer, tropical waters. 

    Each species is completely different from the other, so you may want to look up the specific tuna fish you are interested in to see what it’s water temperature preferences are. Or you can look them all individually!

    There is a list of some types of tuna fish here:

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    I totally agree with PatriciaPham, but I wanted to add some more facts. Like Patricia said, different types of tuna prefer different waters temperatures. For exmaple, the longtail tuna prefers waters up to 66- 68 degrees, but they also have learned to inhabit waters 36 degrees higher than normal. Basically, what I’m saying is most tuna prefer warmer climates and if you are infering to the tuna that we eat, that is actually the longtail tuna. Then there is the Yellowfin tuna, they also prefer water temperatures ranging from 18 degrees Celsius to 31 degrees Celsius (or 64 to 87 degrees Fahrenheit).

    For more information please look at my citations, they are very helpful and informative.

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    Different species like different temperatures. Tuna can be found in nearly any ocean in the world, from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic ocean to the Mediterranean Sea to the Indian Ocean. There is also a difference in nutrients in each different species.

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