Do rice cookers save energy?..

Do rice cookers save energy?



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    There certainly are energy efficient rice cookers out there that use induction heat to cook the rice.  These models tend to take a little longer to cook the rice, but if you are eating rice on a daily basis, that shouldn’t be an issue.  Linked below is a list of the best energy efficient rice cookers on the market done by 

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    Some do save energy, but not a significant amount. Here are some ways to conserve energy while using rice cookers:

    -Estimate the correct amount of water to cook the rice, make sure you do not use too much. Using too much water will waste energy by taking more time to cook the rice, not to mention make the rice too runny.

    -Keep the cover on the rice cooker while it cooks.

    -Always unplug the power cord when its not used.

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