Do most of our organs repair themselves?



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    Most of our organs will repair themselves to a certain extent.  It seems to come down to how complex the organ is.  For example, your brain will not repair much physical damage at all, at least after it has stopped growing.  Your heart will only replace damaged areas with scar tissue, sealing the wound but not regenerating working tissue.  Your liver is actually the best at regenerating its tissue, as it is designed to handle and remove toxins in the body.  Other simple organs like your kidneys can also repair themselves fairly quickly and easily.

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    The organ that repair the quickest is the liver.  The cells in your liver regenerate at a very high pace.  In some cases, baboon livers have been transplanted into people, and within a short time the liver grew to a normal, human sized liver.

    One of the organs that will not regenerate at all is your set of teeth. The enamel in your teeth are crystalline in nature.

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