Do frogs use sight or smell more for hunting?



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    It appears that frogs use sight more for hunting their prey, as sight is a frog’s main sense. When frogs hunt, they stand still, use their large eyes to scan their surroundings, and rarely blink. Their nostrils are only really useful for breathing underwater. 

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    Definitely sight. Frogs sit still, typically in moist places so they can breathe through their skin. Frogs wait for their prey to come by and snatch them with their sticky tongues, swallowing them whole. Frogs hunt in nighttime or daytime. In daytime you’ll find them in more concealed areas such as a rotting log, cracked and mossy rocks, or just underground. At nighttime, frogs generally sit still as the air is oftentimes more humid, thus allowing them to breathe through their skin.

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