Do fires ever happen in the redwood forest?



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    Most definitely. In fact, there are fires all the time. This is not unusual; there is some sort of fire activity in virtually every National Forest and Park in the country during the hot summer months. The severity of these fires does vary; if a fire is small, then it can usually be taken care of by the trained fire crews that are employed in each forest, while the larger blazes may require the implementation of 20-man initial attack crews, engines and other resources in order to eradicate it. Luckily, unlike a lot of forest tree species, redwoods are resistant to fire, owing to their thick bark and massive girth. So, while smaller forms of vegetation around the trees may burn, the redwoods stay intact, for the most part. The threat of these fires is also decreased by prescribed burns, planned fires that consume small tracts of vegetation, which disable unplanned fires from spreading quickly. 

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    As powdrbowl said, wildland fires occur in Redwood forests often.  Fires are a normal part of the ecosystem and Redwoods have specific characteristics that have adapted them to fire:  the previously mentioned thick bark, along with high water content, tannins (chemicals that resist burning), and the ability to re-sprout after a wildfire.  

    In fact, wildland fires help Redwoods by removing smaller trees/plants that are competing with the Redwood tree for nutrients and sunlight.

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