Do companies ever sell their solar panels for discounted prices?



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    They do.  There are often a few things you have to watch out for when purchasing used solar  panels, though.  Older panels can often be inefficient for their size, especially if you bought them from a large company.  Power output also decreases over the lifecycle of your average solar panel.  Often companies will use websites like the one below as a “classifieds” page to post sales for their used solar panels.

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    There are a series of circumstances under which solar companies would discount price on a panel:

    -bulk purchasing agreements with a solar co-op

    -placement in a high-profile building or government office that would likely earn them future contracts

    -if they have a relationship with the regional utility and know they can save money on connection to the grid, they may discount the price of a given panel.

    -First Solar, one of the largest manufacturers in the world and the largest solar manufacturer in the U.S., dropped its prices in the European market the last two or three years to maintain its market share against emerging Chinese solar panel manufacturers.

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