Do Americans use more oil per person than anywhere else in the world?



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    No; some low-population high-use nations including Canada and Saudi Arabia use more oil per capita than the US. But in terms of total volume, the US consumes more than the next four highest consumers combined.

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    According to data from 2006 (and not including territories of other countries), Singapore is the country with the most oil used per person, with 189.975 billion barrels used per day per 1,000 people, followed by Qatar 131.596 billion barrels used per day per 1,000 people, and Kuwait with 128.758 billion barrels used per day per 1,000 people.

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      bbl means barrel, not billion barrels. So for example for Singapore it is 189 barrels, not billion barrels, per 1000 people. Your main point is still valid, of course, that these are the largest per capita users.

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      Thank you very much for clarifying that! I’ll remember that if I answer any more oil-related questions! 🙂

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