Describe some ways in which structures can fail. Why is it important to try to prevent these failures?

Has to do with structures and how they fail



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    Bridges can collapse simply from wind if the design is poor.  The Tacoma Narrows Bridge collapsed because winds started vibrations and caused the bridge to “bounce”.  Accelerated winds resulted in a cable snapping, unbalancing the bridge.  It started twisting and eventually a large section broke away.  Obviously public safely is key when constructing any structure.

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      I remember that happening, and was able to see the devastation. I’m assuming you live in the Sea/Tac area? Do you have any knowledge on what is going to happen with the 520 bridge? Are they going to start a toll on the old one and build a new bridge next to it?

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    Many old buildings were made out of brick before intense earthquake codes were put into practice.  A good example of this is Seattle, where most of the historic building were either made of brick or used brick for an aesthetic appeal.  Now that we know Seattle was built directly on top of a major fault line, serious danger is imminent.  Considering that the Seattle Fault is capable of up to a 7.0 magnitude earthquake, those bricks will become projectiles (because they cannot flex with the earthquake) and cause serious damage.  Public safety and public funds are both a major concern for this situation.

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