Is death valley the hottest place on earth?



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    Close, but not quite: the hottest place on Earth is El Azizia, Libya.  That smokin’ place reached a temperature of 138ºF (58.6ºC) on September 12th, 1922.  Look at this big site of facts, in my citation there.

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    The highest temperature recorded in Death Valley is 134 degrees. This is only two degrees short of the 136 degrees recorded at Al’Aziziyah, Libya. So officially, Death Valley cannot be considered the hottest place on Earth. However, if you keep in mind that thermometers can only measure the temperature in a single spot AND that these temperatures are virtually neck-in-neck, it is entirely possible that Death Valley could indeed have seen the highest temperature on Earth at some place other than the location where the 134 degree high was recorded. We will never know for certain.

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