Can you litter train a dog?



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    You can, in fact, train a dog to use a litter box. It is easiest to train small dogs, under 35lbs, due to the amount of urine stored in the bladder. They can often be trained the same way you train them to go outside. One would benefit from using key phrases, such as, “go potty.” Purina brand even makes a litter box and a “non stick” type of litter just for dogs!

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    Yes, just like a cat, you can litter train a dog. It may take a bit more patience than a cat would, but it is nonetheless possible. You can train a dog to go in a large litter box or on a grass mat (which is pictured below). Puppies tend to be the easiest to train, but older dogs can be taught to use a litter box as well.

    The most important tool in getting a dog to understand and adopt this routine is repetition. Dogs do not like to go to the bathroom where they sleep, so putting the litter box away from that place is the first step. As the dog begins to use the litter box, giving it a reward and praise help to reinforce it’s behavior as a positive one.

    The second link is a step-by-step how-to litter box training for a dog.

    Pup Head Mini Mat

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