Can you get a littering ticket if the product is biodegradable?



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    From what I can gather, littering is still littering regardless of whether or not it is biodegradable.  Littering is a law determined by state authorities in the US, and Washington state law makes no specific claims that biodegradable litter is an exception.  As an example, a woman in Pennsylvania was cited for throwing lettuce out the window.  The fines for littering are based on the size, location, and potential danger of the litter.  The smallest fines are imposed on people who litter non-hazardous material, less than 1 cubic yard, not from a moving vehicle.  The fines go up if the amount is larger, the materials are dangerous, or if it comes from a moving vehicle.

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    I’ve seen many people get tickets for littering, regardless of the object(s) discarded in question where I live (Seattle).  Especially since there are recycling bins conveniently scattered throughout the entire city, and is a free service for all residents.


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