Can we use soil from the ocean for farming?



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    Soil from the ocean would probably be lacking the nutrients that plants need to flourish.  Sand is made of silicates, and the course grain sizes loose nutrients quickly.  Taking soil from the ocean would have to be cost effective, and it would take a large deposit of silt being discovered within a reasonable distance from shore to make it worth while.  The surrounding ecosystem would have to be taken into consideration as well, ensuring that extracting soil would not damage reefs or other underwater habitats.

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    Although sand is generally not nutrient-rich, it can be beneficial to add sand to soil that is too clay-like in texture, to promote drainability. But there are other beneficial ocean sources to agriculture and soil, such as sea-extracted organic additives. Seawood and other organic matter taken from the sea are often used as fertilizers  to enrich organic soil and grow fruits and vegetables. Many organic agriculture products market the amazing plant growth potential of their sea-extracted “minerals and micronutrients”. 

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