Can we make ethanol better for the environment?



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    Ethanol already has made a positive effect on the environment by not emitting any excess CO2 into the atmosphere. All the CO2 produced by ethanol when burned is absorbed the plants used to make it. It is a nice little cycle. Ethanol comes from plants such as wheat and sugar cane, is not a fossil fuel or a toxic, and it easily dissolves in water.

    It sounds too good to be true, and sadly, it may be.

    Although there are so many great benefits to using ethanol as a replacement for gasoline, some say that the land needed to produce the plants ethanol is made out of takes an incredible amount of space. This means it actually requires more energy to produce ethanol than the amount of energy ethanol can provide. Some other sources say differently, and are completely for the usage and production of ethanol.

    Since studies are fairly recent, it is hard to say whether ethanol is yet considered a viable source of fuel. And even presently harder to say how we can improve it, since this development is a recent one.

    Information was taken from these two sources, which have different viewpoints on whether ethanol is beneficial or not:

    You may want to keep track of news on ethanol to get the most accurate information, judge for yourself, and then perhaps solutions on making ethanol better for the environment will come.

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