Can we get water from the meat that we eat?



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    Meat contains about 75% water, 20% protein and 5% fat. Some of the water will be evaporated when the meat is cooked, and dried meat will of course contain much less water. You would still be dehydrated if you attempted to get all your water from just eating meat.

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    We do certainly get water from the meat that we eat, as most meat is composed of roughly 75% water.  Some water content is lost from the meat during cooking, for example a round roast is 73% water before cooking and roughly 66% water after cooking.  Since water is a component of protein and not fat, meats with more protein will typically have a higher water content.  Now, this doesn’t mean that eating enough meat will also support a human’s need for water.  No, we must drink a daily dosage of water as well to remain healthy.

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