Can soda actually harm your physical being?



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    In the sense that hindrance of natural physical development is harmful, then yes. The ingredients in soda – or pop, as we West Coasters call it – have been linked to calcium deficiency, as well as higher phosphate levels in the blood. Among children, this poses a risk for poor calcification of the bones, and among adults, it is thought this can lead to osteoporosis. The phosphates are also very acidic, so when one consumes a soft drink, they are essentially drinking a phosphoric acid, whose bitter taste is masked by sugar; this can, of course, have adverse effects on one’s teeth and stomach. The levels of caffeine and sugar are also very unhealthy for children (or anyone for that matter.) 

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    Soda is high in carbohydrates and sometimes caffeine. Drinking too much can cause weight gain which leads to other health issues like diabetes and high blood cholesterol. Not to mention too much sweets can lead to cavities! Weight and dental issues mean more trips to the doctor which can put a hole in your pocket. Also, check out this article I found on google.

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