Can more energy be harnessed by the sun or the wind?



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    The sun is definitely more reliable when it comes to knowing when you can generate energy.  Solar panels are able to gather energy even through overcast skies, although it will take much longer to absorb energy.  In the context of cities, solar power is more practical, because they can easily be placed on roofs.  Wind is a great way to harvest power on the plains or desert, because there the wind blows unhindered for hundreds of miles in all directions.  Solar panels can be stacked together, maximizing energy production, whereas wind turbines must be spaced apart.

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    While wind is considered to be more efficient and cost effective at this time, there are several factors effecting the amount of output from both energy sources.  Both sources are considered seasonal.  In most locations, wind is higher in the winter, and there is obviously more sun in the summer.  As a result, the best solution seems to be a hybrid approach which taps into both energy sources.

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