Can I recycle recycled paper?



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    Paper can be recycled 5-7 times before the fiber in the paper becomes too weak to use again. So yes, recycled paper can be recycled again buy only for a couple of times.

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    Yes you can recycle paper, recycled paper. In fact, with current recycling methods paper can be recycled up to 6 times before the “interlocking fibers” become too weak to hold together.

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    I can’t see why not! Being that it’s already recycled I am sure it would wear out after a while.

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    How many times paper can be recycled depends on the type of paper also. Unbleached sack kraft can be recycled 10 – 15 times compared to copying paper 5- 7 times and newsprint only 3 – 5 times. 

    To recycle paper multiple times, paper recycler use some amount of virgin fiber. E.g. if you use 20% virgin fiber and 80% recycled fiber, one can recycled paper practically as many time as you want.

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