Can I recycle old plastic VHS tapes?



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    Yes, you most certainly can recycle old VHS tapes. Here’s are a few ways how:

    There are companies that specialize in recycling old diskettes, VHS tapes, CD’s, video games and such. One being, where you can pay a fee of 6.95, and ship them up to 20 pounds of tapes, Cd’s, etc. and they will recycle them for you.

    There are also local organizations that will recycle old media products, you just have to maybe search for him. An example is an organization called Greening The Hill (for you Canadians):

    And also a great site called Freecycle, which hosts an exchange of old products in order to keep products out of landfills:

    You can also donate VHS tapes to thrift stores or schools, or people who still use VHS players!

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    Yes, you can recycle old VHS tapes. You can do it yourself, or you can donate them to Greendisk, an organization that specializes in recycling e-waste. Another option is taking VHS tapes to thrift stores, such as Salvation Army, Goodwill or Value Village; they will resell the videos for a very cheap price, and if they do not sell, they will recycle them accordingly. More creative options include knitting the tape into a plastic bag, or streaming the tape in your cornfield or garden (it will scare birds away when it flutters in the wind). 

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