Can I put CFLs in the recycling bin?



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    Whether your local garbage/recycling service accepts compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) is variable nationwide; a phone call to the local sanitation center should clear that up. If they do not, there are other options for disposal of CFLs. Since they contain a small amount of mercury, are therefore considered a toxic material, they require special treatment; however, most locations should have routine CFL neighborhood pickups, even if they are not allowed for curbside garbage collection. In addition, some retailers will accept CFLs (not all, so you may have to ask around). Earth 911 is another option; this on-line directory may be able to recommend the nearest facility to take your CFLs, based on the zip code you enter. Finally, there are services that will pick up your CFLs directly;, the best known of these services, will send you a pail with a capacity for 30 bulbs. You may Fed-ex the pail to their center, but be warned: it is expensive, approximately $120 per shipment.  

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