Can I get a scooter like the one in dumb and dumber and drive it on the streets?



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    In order to make a scooter ‘street legal,’ it must meet a number of qualifications. First, it must be proven to meet the EPA standards for air quality control; any dealership or private seller should provide you with this information, and sometimes a certificate. Second, it must also be certified by the Department of Transportation; to be compliant, it must meet standards that are specific to each state, but often include: turn signals, functioning front and tail lights, proper muffler, horn equipment and things like that. Third, you should acquire what is called MCO (Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin) documentation upon purchase; this ensures the bike belongs to you. Most states require you to be 16 (definitely check with the local DMV to be sure), and almost always, you are required to wear a helmet. Upon meeting these standards, you can live the dream by emulating Lloyd and Harry. 

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    Unfortunately I could not find out what type of scooter is ridden in Dumb & Dumber.  Although, from my research it appears to be a retro motor scooter with less than a 250cc motor.  This size of scooter is made today in mass quantity and easy to find.  These scooters are typically sold as street legal from the manufacturer.

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