Can I get a free bible for my ereader?



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    Yes, you can get a free bible for your ereader.  The only issue is that there are so many versions of the bible, and I’m not sure if you can find the one you are looking for.  The typical bible that I can think of, is the King James version of the bible.  This is easy to download and can be found from various sources.  From what I can tell, the freeware versions appear to be full size, but you will need to download them to make sure.  Follow my citation for a list of free download-able bibles for your ereader. 

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    You can definitely get a free version of the bible for your e-reader. Project Gutenberg has multiple versions of the Bible, including the King James Bible and the Douay-Rheims Bible. All are available in at least five different formats, including E-Pub and Kindle.

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